Sheffield Business Awards

As two-time winners at the Sheffield Business Awards, Rare decided to put something back into the local business community by becoming the website sponsor for the awards.

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The Challenge

The Sheffield Business Awards recognise innovation and business success in the Sheffield area. The event is organised by the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in 2013 Rare agreed to become the website sponsor for the event and build a website that could accept online applications for the awards and a judging portal to streamline the complex judging process.

The Strategy

The site was designed to be as fully automated as possible allowing a member of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry to update key dates, award categories, and shortlisted applications.

We created secure accounts for judges to view and vote for applications, with an intuitive visual system that allowed a site administrator to easily view and compile results.

Each year the header banner is updated to display a movie of highlights from the evening of the awards ceremony. Once an administrator has set key dates for the year either the shortlisted applicants or last year’s winners are automatically displayed.

The Result

Staff at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry found the site intuitive to use, allowing them full control of archiving winners, setting key dates, and managing the award applications. The site has displayed photographs and movies of the events, which have been widely shared amongst the local business community.

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