Rare has provided a number of website development projects and digital marketing services to the employment services division of Interserve (ESG).

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The Challenge

Interserve Learning and Employment delivers education and work-based learning programmes, including modern apprenticeships. Initially, Rare had successfully redesigned and developed the website for the ILE core business, supported by digital marketing programmes.

When ILE won a new contract to deliver apprenticeship schemes in the Leeds and Staffordshire regions, Rare was again approached to develop the website solution. With very tight timescales we were asked to create a single solution that could be applied to both regions.

With each region having a different target audience, the site needed to have a common visual style but appeal to both audiences. The site was also required to be easy to navigate, engaging for the learners and their parents, and easy to manage by the Interserve team. The site also had to be presented as an unbranded resource with no direct reference to Interserve as the outsourced service provider.

The Strategy

The design of the site is integral to appealing to both apprentices and employers, teachers and parents so we needed to work closely with the client in a series of design discussions. As with any modern site, it must work well on mobile devices as well as desktops. This process was managed carefully to allow us to deliver a bold, engaging design to tight deadlines.

Interactive maps allow users to quickly find their local region, which each display vacancies and information specific to the area. Clear navigation and calls to action direct visitors to relevant sections of the site, depending on whether they were employers, apprentices, teachers or parents. Each section has a unique contact form to ensure that the correct member of Interserve Learning and Employment staff deal with the enquiry.

We used the client’s corporate colour scheme and font for a subtle suggestion of the unstated brand.

The Result

Successfully launched on time, the website has received hundreds of enquiries within the first few months and the service has helped place apprentices in a wide variety of industries, including a law firm in Leeds and a retail business in Staffordshire.

Since the launch of the site Rare have added further functionality to allow Interserve Learning and Employment staff to add news articles and tag them with relevant keywords.

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