April Rye has joined Rare from Bonmarché, and comes with a wealth of experience, having studied Broadcast Media Production at Teesside University and graduating with a 1st Class Degree.

On joining Rare, April said:

"In terms of work interests, I particularly like how an audience reacts to something or how they respond to a particular email or direct mail that lands in front of them. As a consumer myself I know how I react towards marketing material, but being a part of this industry has taught me to look at things differently. However with that being said, not all consumers will react in the same manner I do and that really sparks my interest. Being able to follow their customer journey, gather insight and gain knowledge about them whilst engaging them with a marketing material that relates to their behaviour is truly fascinating. I find this particularly interesting when you are pushing a message into an extremely crowded marketplace, and have to stand out amongst your competition. Having an understanding and insight of the data and analysis is something that I love to see- it sounds quite geeky but we have psychologists to tell us how our brains work and I’m just doing it with numbers."

Outside work, April is keen to get hands-on with anything that can be homemade. She's spent time making her own cushions, skirts and scented wardrobe hangers. She also helped to co-write a short film with her partner, Jack, which was commissioned as part of Channel 4's Random Acts Project. Working in a creative agency, we think April will settle in just nicely with all that artistic flair!