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Make sure your business is fit for 2016

18th January 2016 in Industry News

New Year is traditionally the time when people resolve to sort out their personal lives by joining a gym or giving up smoking or alcohol.

But what about businesses?

Company owners who have had a successful 2015 might be tempted to sit on their laurels. Sales were great last year so of course it is going to continue, right?

Wrong! If there is one constant in business, it is that the environment is always changing. Your competitors are unlikely to be standing still and new competitors might be about to invade your space.

So what are you doing about getting your business fit for whatever 2016 has to offer?

Effective marketing is the cornerstone of every great business. An effective marketing campaign can build awareness, generate leads, attract new customers and make any company stand out.

One thing is for sure, if a company gets its marketing correct it can increase the flow of new customers. They are the lifeblood of any business.

But what are the elements of successful marketing?

First of all, you need a strategy. Who are your customers and how do you go about reaching them? Strategies need to be dynamic and evolve as your customers develop and change.

Is your company's brand moving with the times? A refreshed brand can add power to your marketing.

Recent research showed that hundreds of thousands of businesses do not even have a website. Even more businesses have a website but fail to give it the care and attention it deserves, leaving it for month after month with no new content. Nowadays websites have to be alive and relevant to customers.

Does your business have an app? With more and more consumers engaging with the world through their mobile device, applications are a way of being relevant and useful to your customers.

Companies also need to have a digital marketing campaign to be seen. Does your business use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Which social media should you use to increase visibility? These questions need to be answered by any business that is looking to spruce up its New Year marketing.

Another way to be seen by potential customers is through a public relations campaign.

Steve Bellingham, of Sheffield-based marketing agency, Rare Creative Group, said: "Our creative and digital marketing agency was first established in 1996. If you think of the way life has changed in the last 20 years, if we had stood still we would not be around now. To even approach 20 years in service, especially in marketing, you not only have to know what is happening, you have to anticipate change with flair and creativity. We would love to help any company seeking to bring their marketing to life, whether that be via customer acquisition and lead generation strategies, creative and promotional campaigns, or new website or literature development."

Rare Creative Group is offering companies £500 of free marketing advice to help them identify areas for business improvement. This consultation will comprise an online marketing or brand audit by a relevant specialist in the field, and include a detailed report on how to boost marketing performance. This offer is available for the first 10 companies to get in touch, so act fast to be in with a chance. For more information visit

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